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Bird Architects + Act Of Love

Fri 25 August 2006 // 20:00

(Fri 25th / 8pm / £4)

Blink and you'll miss it: two bands from Bristol's 80's free improv underground arts movement play the Cube! Once part of a little-documented movement in our city, these shadowy entities disseminated veiled invites and publicity to an unsuspecting public (sometimes warning the public to stay away), detailing happenings at underground galleries like the Shed or The Myriad Gallery, situated in a St. Paul's basement flat.

Zappa-tight riffs that mutate somewhere sideways of Bebop from free jazz funk punk ensemble THE BIRD ARCHITECTS featuring Aaron Standon (guitar, alto sax), Peter Evans (Violin), Macro Anderson (drums, keyboards, soundscapes) and Mark Turner (Buffalo Bass).

ACT OF LOVE reform tonight for the first time in 20 years, with Graham MacKeachan (double bass) Roger Skerman (drums) and Mark Whiteford (soprano/tenor sax, bamboo chimes, bells) accompanied by slide projections and live dancer.
This is the end time, the rapture. The new American century has begun.