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Awesome; I Fuckin Shot That!

Mon 31 July 2006 // 19:00
Tue 1 August 2006 // 19:00
Wed 2 August 2006 // 19:00

Turn up to most gigs wielding a video camera, and the bouncers will show you the door as soon as look at you. Turning convention on its head, The Beastie Boys handed 50 fans Hi8 cameras to record a gig at Madison Square Gardens, New York. The resulting footage was edited into this exhilarating, high-energy concert flick, that portrays a more than complete Beastie Boys live experience, from backstage shenanigans, celeb-spotting amongst the crowd, one guy's bathroom break, to, yes, even a full set from the Beasties themselves. "Unique": it's a cliche alright, but if the cap fits...