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Josephine Foster & The Supposed

Wed 9 August 2006 // 20:00 (cancelled)

support from Jonquil
(Wed 9th / 8pm / £5)

A singer needing to be heard. Her voice is arresting, full of imagination and suggestion and cradles your innermost thoughts. There is something spiritual in her delivery, at once ghostly and sun-soaked in the gentle quality of past female singers. Her music is often well-suited for her gorgeous tones, nestled beside a variety of guitars, both acoustic and electric - but it's her voice that always seems to strike the chords within.

She has drifted beautifully through singer-songwriter balladry, sparse Appalachian traditions with Born Heller, 19th century art songs sung in German (featuring numbers written by Schubert and Brahms) on her recent 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing' album, and tonight the more rocky, Patti Smith-esque foundations of her band The Supposed.

One who constantly manages to produce something quietly electrifying and steeped in mystery. Last seen in Bristol supporting Devendra Banhart, she comes highly anticipated.

Jonquil are an Oxford based band using trumpet, guitar, violin and organs. Think Animal Collective at their most sun-dappled, Hood at their most intimate and some stumbled-upon eerie eastern European folk.

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