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Cemetery Without Crosses

Presented by Hellfire Video Club

Robert Hossein, 1969, Italy/France, 90 mins, Cert: 15

Wed 24 July // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full)

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After the horrific murder of her husband by bandits, Maria (Michèle Mercier) yearns for revenge and seeks out old friend and lover, Manuel (Robert Hossein) - a ‘retired’ gunfighter infamous for donning a single black glove before each gunfight. Now living a solitary existence in a ghost town, he reluctantly accepts her offer and, doomed to repeat himself, sets off to seek out his old flame’s enemies for a final showdown.

It’s been many years since HFVC have screened a Spaghetti/Euro Western, but this month we’re back on the trail with this lesser spotted downer.  Come and beat the summer heat by dousing yourself in its world of scorched landscapes and bummed out vibes. Directed by (and starring) Frenchman Robert Hossein (of ‘Rififi’ fame) as a heartfelt tribute to his friend Sergio Leone, Hossein mixes in a fatalistic French touch to the usual Spaghetti tropes of nasty characters and nihilism. All topped off with a vibe of nigh-on silent broodiness, which opens up plenty of time and space to reflect on the atmospheric and elegant compositions, eerie Morricone-esque soundtrack (Scott Walker also performs the title song), and the slow-build of despair.

Revenge ain’t always so sweet, and Cemetery Without Crosses is at pains to convey its futility - maybe standing as one of the bleakest entries in a genre hardly known for its chirpiness.

(But don’t let that put you off!!!)