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Liquid Library Presents: Rosena Wenonoah, Nomad Tree, Ali Robertson & Acts of Worship

Tue 18 June // 19:00

Tickets: £8 full price/ £6 concessions

Liquid Library presents experimental music in varying intensity

4 acts beginning with a sharp blast of devotional harsh noise before cooling across the evening into a swirl of woozy pop music


Rosena Wenonoah

Impeccably crafted pop music delivered in a breathtaking fashion. Piano, synth, vocals and movement itself all intertwining to weave a hypnotic and intoxicating haze of song. A rare performance as part of a trio from a true local legend

Nomad Tree

Stuart Chalmers is an artist who explores the connections between the environment, the imagination and the sense of self. Responsible for a bewildering array of releases across an ocean of intermingled genres, expect amplified dulcimer, feedback drums, fx and primitive percussion sourced from animal/natural materials


Ali Robertson

High/Low art Scottish Dada-absurdism. Half of the dearly departed legendary Usuper, Ali specialises in a giddy mix of mouth-sound, gunk poetry and object bothering


Acts of Worship

Devotional and deeply moving harsh noise. Music for amplified crucifix. Joyous and bounteous light shining through a stained glass window onto a corpse


No Terfs/No Tories

No one turned away for lack of funds