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Hellfire Video Club presents


Eckhart Schmidt, 1982, Germany, 88 mins, Cert: 18 (IN GERMAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Wed 14 February // 20:00 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets: £6

NOTE: This event was previously listed with a start time of 7.30pm in error - sorry. It is actually a standard start time of 8pm, which means we will get the doors open around 7.30, but film won't start until just a little after 8pm. Apologies for any confusion.


For a special Valentine's treat, Hellfire Video Club serves up a twisted tale of teenage synthpop obsession gone extremely awry. 

To say that teenager Simone is a fan of “R”, an ice-cold new wave synth sensation, might be something of an understatement. Her entire life revolves around his music and image, much to the increasing concern of her friends and parents. Simone is a girl on a mission. Determined to meet her idol, she runs away from home to locate him in person at a TV appearance - fantasising about their love, and imagined future together. However, reality crashes down when “R” proves to be as cold as his image suggests, and Simone realises this particular god must be sacrificed on her elaborate altar of madness. 

Slipping out into the world quietly in 1982, this hypnotic art-horror slow burn is deadly serious in its intent at portraying the outer edges of all-consuming obsession, which is perhaps why its rep has blossomed into its own cult in the intervening years. Come and join us for a romantic dish you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.