Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Paths Of Glory

Mon 2 October 2006 // 19:30

(Mon 2nd / 7.30pm / film starts at 8pm / £4/3 though nobody turned away for lack of funds)

With the recent news that over 300 British soldiers executed for cowardice are to be given pardons, this month's film night turns its attention to war, duty and humanity with a rare screening of the classic anti-war film 'Paths of Glory'. Made in 1957 by legendary director Stanley Kubrick and staring Kirk Douglas, the film tells the loosely true story of five French soldiers executed for mutiny during World War I. Their families sued, and while the executions were ruled unfair, two of the families received one franc each, while the other three received nothing.

The French authorities considered the film an offence to the honour of their army and prohibited its exhibition in France until 1975. The movie was officially censored in Spain by the government of Francisco Franco for its anti-military content, and was not released until 1986, 11 years after Franco's death. With Britain bogged down in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on Terror, the film's message is as powerful then and as it is now.