The Hell With Hollywood

Thu 29 June 2006 // 20:00

(Thurs 29th / 8pm / &4/3)

Our third excursion into the sweaty underbelly of world cinema takes us to Italy, perhaps sleaze central in the celluloid stakes. In addition to the usual side order of surprises, the main feature is the delirious 'Black Magic Rites - Secret Orgies of the 14th Century', also known as 'The Reincarnation of Isabel' and 'The Ghastly Orgies of Count Dracula' amongst other things... If you think the multiple titles are confusing - wait 'til you cast your eyes over the plot. Something like 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' re-shot by a Latino acid-casualty, 'Black Magic Rites' will delight and bemuse both gore-hounds and kitsch-vultures with its lurid blend of flesh, blood, and confusion. 'An ultra rare example of deluxe sleaze by one of Italy's grand masters of the satanic knee trembler' according to Nigel Wingrove of Salvation Films. 'Packed full of whippings, impalings, torture, sadistic couplings and a series of mind blowing, devil worshipping bunk-ups, Black Magic Rites is a masterpiece.' And who are we to argue?...