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Dance craze

and musical party.

Dir: Joe Massot, 1981, 85 mins, Cert:12

Fri 7 July // 20:00

Tickets: £7 £5 (concession)

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Tonight's screening is a massive treat for all 2 tone fans who remember old copies of this wonderful film and a timely reminder after the sad passing of Terry Hall of the importance and fun of this music.

…Finally we have a chance to see the 2 tone family at the pinnacle of its powers as a musical, cultural and social phenomenon. On the big screen!

American Director Joe Massot is better known for helping to create The Song Remains The Same, a Led Zepplin film but here his tasks was very different, yet hugely successful, in translating the energy and charisma of these British bands and their fans onto celluloid. Note the very early use of a steady cam to help bring the stage to life.

We see them performing almost eye-ball to eye-ball with their audience and the final song with its friendly stage invasion is typical of the mutual respect between 2 Tone bands and their audience.

These bands — The Specials Madness, The Beat, The Selector and The bodysnatchers — at the time with their multi racial line-ups and music were a powerful rebuke to the racism of the day.

After a screening of any film featuring two tone bands and boasting the title Dance Craze it seems inevitable that most of our audience will want to move their feet to the Rocksteady beat. Tonight we have legend that is Dean Read playing your favourite 2 tone tracks and associated music as well as essential Jamaican selections in our bar area where drinks will continue to be served and drinking, dancing and socialising will be encouraged encouraged!