Tue 9 May 2006 // 19:00
Wed 10 May 2006 // 19:00
Thu 11 May 2006 // 19:00

(Duncan Tucker / USA / 2006 / 35mm / 103mins / Cert 15)
(Tues 9th -Thurs 11th / 7pm / £4/3/2)

Bree, a pre-operative, male-to-female transsexual, holds down two jobs and saves every penny so that she can pay for one last operation that will make her a woman at last. One day, however, she receives a strange phone call. It appears that on the other side is Toby, apparently her son. At first she is reluctant to meet, but her therapist convinces her to face up to her past.
A startling performance from Felicity Huffman (from TV's 'Desperate
Housewives') adds to the bold, yet sensitive, treatment of the subject matter making this one of the most startling indie debuts of recent years.