The Proposition

Tue 9 May 2006 // 21:00
Wed 10 May 2006 // 21:00
Thu 11 May 2006 // 21:00

(John Hillcoat / Australia / 2005 / 35mm / 104mins / Cert 18
(Tues 9th -Thurs 11th / 9pm / £4/3/2)

The frontier myth gets transplanted to turn of the century Australia in this ultra-violent revenge western written by Australian legend Nick Cave (of Bad Seeds fame, who also provides a blisering soundtrack). Set in Outback, the film follows the turn of events after the horrific rape and murder of a settler family by Charlie and his brothers. Guy Pearce stars as Charlie Burns who is offered a proposition by Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone), whereby he and his younger brother Mikey can go Scot free of the crime they have committed, if Charlie kills his older brother Arthur, an outlaw Capt. Stanley is intent on bringing to justice. If Charlie fails to comply, Mikey will be hanged on Christmas Day. Brutal, nihilistic and utterly captivating this is a much needed shot in the arm for the long ailing western genre, worthy of Sam Peckinpah himself.