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Nanoplex Presents: Help- I Am A Fish!

Sun 21 May 2006 // 14:00

Nanoplex is the version of the Cube that accommodates active learning, makes way for young peoples minds and encourages creativity.

Nanoplex gives the whole family the chance to see their favorite films all over again. The tickets are just £ 2 for kids, and adults get in for free as long as they are accompanying a child, that is!
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This month we are delighted to be present an afternoon film screening for our youngest audience.
Help- I am a Fish!
Stefan Hedmark/Michael Hegner/ Denmark/2000/8o mins/Cert U
Sunday 21st/2pm/£ 2

A thrilling adventure about three children, Fly, Stella and Chuck, who set off on a fishing trip and end up in cranky professor Mac Krill's laboratory. The professor believes that the continents will soon become submerged, so he is working on a potion that will make it possible for humans to live under water. Fly's younger sister Stella accidentally drinks the potion and is transformed into a starfish and floats to the bottom of the sea. The two boys set off in pursuit of Stella, Fly in the form of a fish, and Chuck as a jellyfish. They have exactly 48 hours to find Fly's sister and the antidote, or else all three will remain fish for the rest of their lives.