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Metatron + The Final Programme

Sun 28 May 2006 // 20:00

(6pm / £3)

Another chance to realise the ME/WE mind connection. Yes! peaceful evolution happens every day and we want to share our pure blissful enjoyment of this life on this planet with you on this night. Our dedicated host for the evening is again (birthday boy!) Kev the Poet! Tonight we will bring you music, Poetry, Live hip-hop from KP and friends, Theatre performance from the amazing 157 Firestation crew. (Ed & Michelle etc) and short film surprises on screen.
Cerddor - Psylocibin talk
The Foreseeable Future - Live music/poetry
Live Music in the bar from Spazrammer & DJ Sol Jah and special friends Dj'ing in the bar.

Get here for 6PM for Healthy BBQ in the garden (Weather pending)