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Charalambides + Pumajaw

Thu 6 July 2006 // 19:30

(Thu 6th July / 7.30pm / £5)

Two woman/man duos of sublime musical creation.

Christina Madonia & Tom Carter (Charalamdides) have a history, their music is deeper still. Their highly charged duel guitar vocal meditations are like dream time psycho-geographical drifts passing over naïve melodies, New Zealand free music, Siltbreeze yore, Ecstatic Yods, minimalist poetry, maximum erotica, warm fields and frozen tundra. True wholly others. The couple were once married and based in Texas - now they assemble in different configurations - with MMVE, Gown, Pelt, Loren Mazzacane Connors among many – but their unique special music together is still exceptional.

Pinkie Maclure & John Wills (Pumajaw) make chamber-folk torch song. Pinkie (Sigmatropic, Spleen, The Real Tuesday Weld) is one of the UK’s most consistent, gorgeous brave singers and multi-instrumentalist John Wills (Loop, Hair & Skin Trading Co.) adds an unclassifiable hazy bed of instruments for her voice to unfurl on. Maclure swoops to throaty, thrilling lows and soars to the sweetest highs across a range of impassioned songs, some traditional and some just out of this world. A sensory experience that melts June Tabor with Tom Waits and acoustic era Swans.

Put on by http://www.qujunktions.com