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Hellfire Video Club: ALISON'S BIRTHDAY

Ozploitation for Halloween

Ian Coughlan/ Australia/ 1981/ 97 mins/ Cert: 18

Mon 31 October // 20:00

Tickets: £5

16 year old Alison comes a cropper during a Ouija board session, receiving a terrifying message from beyond the grave, warning her not to go home for her 19th birthday. Heed the warning Alison! (she doesn’t). 

Three years later, Alison is facing calls from her kindly aunt and uncle to head home for a visit. What could possibly go wrong? Kindly old Uncle Dean isn’t too well, and they would SO love to see her. But who is that 103 year old crone in the back room? What are those ancient stones previously unseen in the garden? Why is no-one else welcome at her birthday celebrations? Oh, Alison… ALISON?

After languishing in VHS era obscurity for decades, this slow-burn Ozploitation classic has come to claim its hour in the twilight again! Alison’s Birthday is a super-fun folk-horror romp ripe for rediscovery, with a genial Aussie-cosy vibe that’s still prepared to pack some stings where it counts. 

Imagine a tasty mishmash of Rosemary’s Baby and the Wicker Man, plucked straight from the mind of a comatose teenage Neighbours character’s night sweats, and you’re there. Perfect Monday night Samhain viewing!