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Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Present:

The Inaugural Post-Pride Homonormativity Cleansing Sacrament

Sat 30 July // 19:00

Tickets: £15

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Join us as we manifest the divine, lick the rainbow and sweat out our prayers in order to ritually recalibrate our queerness.

Expect corporate sponsorship deprogramming and every available blessing!

We’re the Bristol house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a worldwide order of Queer Nuns who’ve vowed to Expiate Stigmatic Guilt, Promulgate Universal Joy and Serve Our Community. And we’ve being doing this since 1979.

Radical filmmaker and queer saint Derek Jarman once described the Sisters as ‘The Benevolent Stormtroopers of the Queer Utopia’ and we’re just that – only with Clown White foundation, gaudy jewels and a belief that it’s unfettered joy that makes our world a better place.

Organiser Novice Niche Whimsy said, “This is your essential detox - when we call down Almighty Queer Power to rejuvenate, reinvigorate and jolly along your unique me-ness in a landscape of frankly toxic homonormativity.”


Wherever you are on the spectrum of gender and desire, you’ll find a celebration of the way you love, who you love and just how best to love yourself.

Who knows quite what (or indeed who) you'll take away but, thanks to our Disco Bootcamp, you'll get the queerest skinny on the latest moves from the hit-parade.

Loiter in our lounge and become a Nun for the Night…  ‘Don't just make me over, I want you to take me over!’

Smoke in our luscious garden and gaze upon the Tree of Truly Kinky Intentions realise your desire for generous connection, joyous submission and candlelit cuddling. 

Don’t miss The Confessional, The Little Badge Girl and Our Glorious Glory Hole.   After that you’ll reach the cinema, where you can chill out, hang out and let it all hang out (baby). 


And then on the main stage, we’ll be recording an episode of our new comedy podcast Call My Queer Bluff

Do you know your ‘Naff’ from your ‘Nanti’, your ‘Ajax’ from your ‘Alamo’?

It's Bristol versus Cardiff as six Sisters tell lies, hide the truth and bluff their way to victory. 

Put simply, it’s the dictionary game using the secret language of Polari.  This high camp dialect hails from those times when queer people couldn’t always speak safely. Just don’t tell the Charpering Omi (Policeman).

We end the night on the dance floor, doing what we do best - spreading joy, sidelining shame and servicing our community.


Where will all this pleasure end?

In the opening of OUTSPACE! Bristol’s much-needed community centre for radical queer care. 

We welcome Mother Sadie (of the House of the Massive Chasm) as she blesses, challenges but ultimately seduces us into making her dream come true. 

This night is our post-Pride cleansing ritual where we challenge toxic homonormativity, so please come - but always come as you are!

Tickets cost £15, with all proceeds going towards Outspace – Bristol’s first Queer Community Centre.