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Fearless Freaks

Mon 10 April 2006 // 21:00

(Mon 10th / 9pm / £4/3)

A most splendid of Rock 'n' Roll odysseys. The movie is fast and gracious as it details the life, times and music of the band the Flaming Lips. It captures the sense of needing to belong, to freak out, push the limits and survive that is at the heart of any band. It is about artistic survival and universal truths. This is a beautiful drama that will move anyone with a slight interest in the band. All soundtracked by the FL sense of cartoon fun, life affirming lyrics and cosmic music.

Fourteen years in the making the film uncovers treasures including super 8 footage of the Coyne (FL singer) family in full abandon, death defying on-stage pyrotechnics, the influence of the Butthole Surfers, the heartache of drug abuse and some amazingly intimate moments amongst the footage of their technicolour stage shows. Irrepressible and inspirational.

The new Flaming Lips album 'At War With The Mystics' will be with us, see it's slow burning evolution on super colour and enhanced sound.

'Stereo Ambulance Religious Sounds' in the bar.