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Inside The Mindscape Of Alan Moore

Wed 12 April 2006 // 20:00

(Dez Vylenz / 2003 / UK / 35mm / no cert)
(Wed 12th / 8pm / £4/3)

In the wake of the release of V FOR VENDETTA, the latest film to attempt a 'big screen' adaptation of an Alan Moore story, we present a screening of this rarely seen documentary in which the author himself leads us on a tour through his artistic development, and into the inner workings of his evolving spirituality. Despite being the worlds most critically acclaimed creator of comic books and graphic novels, he is virtually unknown within wider cultural circles. Essentially, this a sprawling monologue that illuminates Moore's worldview with hallucinatory effects and reconstructions.

A self-styled recluse with no thirst for fame and fortune, Moore has built up an incredible body of work. From his breakthrough series WATCHMEN, MIRACLEMAN, and V in the 80's which revolutionised the medium and forced comics to 'grow-up', to 90's masterworks FROM HELL and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRORDINARY GENTLEMEN (both made into dismal features that Moore has utterly renounced), to self-published more recent gems, the writer has always been at the top of his game. This documentary draws together his landmark releases, providing delicious close-up footage of the artwork, finally launching the viewer into a wider, more colourful world of magic, language and empowerment than most could imagine.