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Marissa Nadler And Jana Hunter

Sat 20 May 2006 // 20:00

(Sat 20th / 8pm / £6)

Marissa Nadler is soft velvet spookiness incarnate. Her songs are a Gothic country siren call for all those that love wounded, melancholic beauty in song. She has released two well read and highly addictive LPs on Eclipse Records but her appeal is such that she won't be moonlighting in underground climbs for much longer. Americana, Portuguese Fado and psych dream music mingle and evaporate in a seductive opiate haze - imagine the resonance of Emmylou Harris, the otherworldliness of Hope Sandoval and the magic of Julee Cruise.

Jana Hunter – oh the joy of her sweet voice, guitar and fiddle. Magnetic screwy pop, lullabies and confessional lyrics sit snug next to indie AM country songs with big hearted dusty lo-fi tracks, she ain’t no old timer. Jana came from Texas, via New York to be the first signee to Devendra Banhart’s and Andy ‘Vetiver’ Cabic’s new label Gnomonsong. A touch of Edith Frost, Gillian Welch can be heard but she has a distinctly homegrown style.