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Bluescreen: Back at the Cube! (Now Sold Out!)

Wed 28 July 2021 // 19:30

Tickets: £3.00, Film makers in for free, one per film, see below

Tonight! The 1st Bluescreen back at our spiritual home since Jan 2020!! Welcome Back! How've you been? We can’t tell you how much we have looked forward to this moment again!


Update 28/07/21

Hi All

Bluescreen is back at the Cube Tonight! Hooray! Doors at 7.30, Films on from 8.00.

We have sold all the Tickets for tonight but you can watch online via the Cube Video Channel

And these are the films we are screening...

Everything We Do Is Noted  - Cube Orchestra  10mins

PPE Corona Shuffle - Sheena Vallely   5.05 mins

My Town Newlyn TFFM 6000 - Diana Taylor  3.18 mins

One Year Since Colston Fell - Aphra Evans   9.50 mins

What Was Left Behind - Kraig Taylor Bryant  12.18 mins

Worth - James Barlow  10.38 mins

Toilet Fest - Dan Johnson  15.00 mins

Huella/Footprint - Lucia Sellars  1.47mins

Home Work - Paris Selinas  14.40mins

Cornflakes Are Rubbish - Charlotte Nind & Jacob Bacon  6.32mins

Thanks to all the Filmmakers for sending in the Films and see you all later!

 Important Info for those coming to the Cube tonight, the Cube current COVID Guidance Policy For Visitors, PLEASE READ...


Cube Microplex COVID update 19th July 2021 - Socially Distanced Show Information

The Cube are organising public events/shows under self-imposed limits that effect everyone coming into the venue. We ask you to respect these limits.

# Key Information



 # Refunds

Please check the details when you purchase your ticket.

For in-house Cube events: if you get asked to self-isolate or start experiencing symptoms, if you don't wish to donate your ticket cost, we will offer a full refund on request. Please email cubeadmin@cubecinema.com with your ticket reference.

For external promoters, for instance the Crick Crack Club, please refer to their specific policies for whether refunds will be available if you can't attend.

# Additional Cube COVID-Safety Guidelines

CAPACITY: In order to keep things safe we are limiting the audience to 50 people in the auditorium with a maximum of 2 people in each TICKET BLOCK - Some shows will have single ticket options.

Some shows will decide to limit the audience to smaller than 50 persons.

There will be a team of Cube workers to assist you once you arrive at the Cube.

Please follow signage and instructions from Staff.

CONTACTING YOU: We will be collecting all visitors’ information on entry. Please use NHS Test and Trace – if you have the app.

Our ticket system will take some of your names and contact details and a reference of where you will sit, enabling us to trace and contact people if we need to.

BAR / DRINKS: We are not opening our Cube Bar as yet, but there may be a pop-up Bar at some events, but would advise you to bring your own refreshments, just in case there isnt one at the event you come to. But water will be available on request.

SANITATION: We will be providing hand sanitiser.

VENTILATION: We have an extraction system that replaces the air in the auditorium. We will also be leaving doors open during the show to keep the auditorium ventilated. We are exploring better ways to ventilate the building.

ONE-WAY SYSTEM: we have a one-way system through the venue. Unfortunately you won't be able to loiter in the bar or the lounge at the moment before or after events, it'll be straight into the auditorium!

TOILETS: The toilets will be gender neutral and limited to two persons per block.

GARDEN: The Cube has a beautiful small garden and depending on the event we will be using this as a waiting space and potential event space.

CLEANING: We will be following a cleaning and ventilating procedure before and after shows – sanitising shared surfaces.

We acknowledge the COVID virus is at large and extremely transferable and that no space is immune to the virus.

We are keeping the current changes to how The Cube operates until further notice and how we use and move in it, to make it possible for those that choose to visit the Cube; and for volunteers who feel able, to work in it.

Working with all our combined strengths and frailties we anticipate there will be changes, postponements and new strategies to consider due to a vast range of circumstances in play.

Thank you for reading!

And please contact us if you have questions: cubeadmin@cubecinema.com



Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1631612580367802

So join us tonight in person or online for a heady mix n mashup of great locally produced short films and come and support Bristol’s local filmmaking community.

Previous Bluestreams and/or individual Films can still be viewed here: Bluescreen: Bluestream Video Channel

Thanks All

Bluescreen (Back in the Cube!)
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