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Sat 1 April 2006 // 20:00

(Sat 1st / 8pm / £5/4)

This night is about making connections, opening yr mind to new sounds and the pure blissful enjoyment of life! Featuring live acoustic music, poetry, live Hip-Hop, theatre, soundhealing performance & sci-fi surprises on screen!
Carly Eva Marie - saxophone solo
Firestation and The Licencees - theatre performance
Sparxillva and KP are Da Q and Da 8 - live hip-hop set
The Foreseeable Future (Afro Douggie, Mike aka Cerddor, Hilary Parvati, Kev the Poet) - live acoustic music and poetry
Cerddor - Psylocibin
Ashera Hart - soundhealing performance (Ashera is the creator of Shamanic Sonics, she has studied the healing power of sound and is a singer,
sound-healer, rebirther, and empath.)

With Sol Jah + friends playing everything from Sci-Fi soundtracks,
electronica to fat dub ragga jungle in da bar.