The Just-is Benefit: Tsunami Relief

Fri 21 January 2005 // 19:30

(Fri 21st / 7.30pm / £5/4)

‘For one night only The Cube will turn your money into blankets and beans while your eyes and ears revel in the splendour of a thousand
dancing lights and heavenly music. Unprecedented!’ (the man)

An eclectic night of revelry to raise funds for victims of the Asian tsunami, organised in association with Global Witness, Peace Direct, Earthscan Publishing and Greenleaf Bookshop.

Featuring the inimitable acoustic bliss of WHALEBONE POLLY, a rare chance to see the wonderful HUSH THE MANY in this neck of the woods, and a unique live banquet of music + cine8 composed especially for this event by FLY MAGIC MOSON, FLY!
Two of Bristol’s most lyrical wordspinners, BONNIE BROOKES and PETE ELRIDGE, will also be appearing, as will acoustic guitarist extra-bonkers-ordinaire DAVE GREEN. / / / /