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Orchestra Cube Rehearsal

Wed 8 February 2006 // 16:30

A regular FREE open rehearsal initiated by Jesse from 'The Greatness'
in conjunction with Peter Reynolds, leader of Scandinavian Circus
Bizarre orchestras. We are an improvisational group based at The Cube. Musicians of all standards and backgrounds are welcome.

If that sounds scary then come anyway. If you haven't played your
instrument for years, rummage it out and come anyway. If you think
this isn't for you, you're wrong, come anyway. Bring your
instrument and any ideas you have for Orchestra Cube. It's GREAT skate!
We are also interested in collaborating with other art forms such as
visual artists and physical performers of all varieties. If this
interests you, please contact us.

Available for random parades, funerals, barmitzvahs, film re-scoring,
interventions, anything.­


To take part please contact:

* Marcus: 0117 935 0054
* Belinda: 07931 434 191
* Richie: 07880 756 369

or email orchestra@orchestra.cubecinema.com