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Cube Audio Archives presents:

15 Years On


Tue 28 April // 20:00
Wed 29 April // 20:00
Thu 30 April // 20:00
Fri 1 May // 20:00

A time travel event for 2020 lock-uppers . . . 

Back in April 2005, the Cube put on a two day event with Swedish-French act Herman Düne that also brought in a variety of other artists including Brooklyn's Diane Cluck, our very own My Two Toms (Stitch Stitch), and the beautiful Crescent (Fat Cat).

Sound engineer on the nights was Tom Bugs, who made some great recordings which we bring to you now, 5,475 days later. 

CLICK HERE FOR THE GOODIES  : This will be available this week through til Friday. 

If you're interested to check out the original event listings they are archived : 

HERMAN DUNE & GOOD FRIENDS: EVENING 1 : https://cubecinema.com/id/335/
HERMAN DUNE & GOOD FRIENDS: EVENING 2 : https://cubecinema.com/id/336/

There is no visual record we know of, but a later Herman Düne all dayer kids / adults show from January 2006 was blogged here :  https://blog.cubecinema.com/2006/01/17/dune-it-4-the-kids-and-4-the-adults/