Jour De Fete

Sun 2 April 2006 // 15:00

(Sun 2nd / 3pm / £4/3)

Paul Wheatcroft wants to use the Cube to show his favourite film, Jour de fete by Jacques Tati, which also happens to have as co-star - the bike. He would like all comers to cycle to the event, especially those new to cycling. He wants cyclists to have fun and to encourage new riders through humour. Cycling is so intelligent, why don't we all do it?, he asks.

The film follows the arrival of a small travelling fair to a rural French village. We share the humiliations of the postman (Jacques Tati) as he does his rounds on his trusty bicycle in spite of the efforts of the itinerant fairground workers to tempt him into modern ways of mail delivery. His speedy and sometimes drunken efforts to ride and deliver are pure ballet!

French with English subtitles; black and white with a glimpse of red, white and blue.

Secure bike parking available at PCT car park, round the corner from the Cube in Charles Street.