Inbetween Time Frenchmottershead

Sun 5 February 2006 // 19:00

Reviewing Inbetween Time
(Sun 5th / 7-8pm / £3/£2)

A short performance written over the five days of Inbetween Time.

'We're interested in you, IBT's audience. From the start, we'll be amongst you, watching and listening. In the privacy of our hotel room, we'll write, re write and pull it all together. At the end, we'll stand up in front of you and deliver our review.'

Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead make art that explores human identity, physicality, interaction, social rituals and the everyday public and private realms in which they are played out. Responding to unconventional sites, FrenchMottershead encourage participation and activate audiences through performance and mixed media. FrenchMottershead's new work for the close of the festival subjects the audience to close scrutiny. In a reversal of customary reviews, they will examine, evaluate and critique audiences, not artworks.