Inbetween Time Until Thursday

Sat 4 February 2006 // 17:00

Droppin' Shoppin'
(Sat 4th / 5-6pm / £3/£2)

Droppin'(v) To demonstrate wisdom or skill. "I'm droppin' science" - (Coolin' in Cali) [1988]

Droppin' Shoppin' isolates the richest qualities of two non-theatre source materials - Hip Hop and Channel Shopping, and strips them to their barest performative components. Hip Hop becomes a drum-kit and a microphone, channel shopping becomes a sofa and a smile. Strategies of sampling, looping and editing are used as a model to compose a performance that gives a reflection and distorted impression of specific styles made redundant of their
roots....two middle class white boys telling the fake why they can't create.