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In Between Time Miguel Pereira

Thu 2 February 2006 // 22:00

Top 10 (Bristol)
(Thu 2nd / 10–11pm / £6/£4)

For five years Miguel Pereira’s performances have been dominated by a nameless pop star, a shimmering rock n’ roll icon, embodying glamour and grime, loneliness and connection, perfection and failure. But now he must die. Pereira has shifted the obsessive, symbiotic relationship between performer and audience by inviting ten non-choreographers to complete the legend and choreograph the stars death. The results will be presented for the audience’s pleasure and a vote will determine the order of the Top 10 deaths.

In revealing the destructive love (or lust) at the heart of the entertainment industry, Pereira raises questions about authorship, audience and the role of the public in creating and destroying their icons.