Bristol Indymedia Film Night - Colombia: The Real War On Terror

Mon 5 June 2006 // 20:00

(Mon 5th / 7.30pm / £2/3 though nobody turned away for lack of funds)

There is a huge scandal unfolding; government collaboration with
terrorist groups, death squads interfering with a democratic vote -
where is this? Palestine? Iraq? Iran? No. Colombia; and the reason the news is not frontpage, is because this time the government in cahoots
with the terrorists is on 'our' side. Welcome to the real war on
terror: Presented by Bristol Colombia Solidarity group we are pleased to show 'Empire in the Andes: The War on the Poor'. Since 9/11, what the US is doing in Colombia has taken place largely out of the public eye as the media's attention is on the Middle East. The film looks at what the billions of dollars that are being poured into Colombia. Human rights organisations have denounced the close relationship between the
Colombian government and the paramilitary groups who are responsible for the majority of abuses in Colombia, but the US and the EU continues to pay. Why? The Andean region is rich in natural resources, including
petroleum. The film raises questions about who benefits from the actions of the US and EU government - people or corporations?

Supported by a cast of short films including a short about the kids
project, 'Casa Taller' - where some of the proceeds from tonight will be going.

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