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The British Psychological Society presents

Race To The Bottom: The Influence Of Design On Consumption

Wed 20 March 2019 // 19:00

Tickets: free event

A perfect night for the nimble and curious, the Psychology in the Pub event series offers you the latest and greatest ideas in psychology, all within the cosy confines of a pub.

Each evening an eminent researcher shines the light on a fresh new topic for your curious mind to snack on. Choose to interact with the scientist of the day or sit idle as you ponder your illuminating new found thoughts.

This time in the intellectual local of the Cube Cinema, we’ll be joined by Professor Marcus Munafò (University of Bristol) who takes science to the tavern and attempts to answer those same questions that have left us bewildered during our previous pub visits. What role does the environment play in our drinking habits? What does psychology tell us about our habits at the bar and why do some drinks leave us queuing up for that next round quicker than others? Such clues to our drinking behaviour could be found right between our fingers… perhaps in the very glass we drink from. Join us for a talk to find answers to the mysteries that have baffled the minds of thinkers and drinkers alike.