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PIFF presents

Queer Dystopia

Sat 16 March 2019 // 22:00

Tickets: £7/9 advance, £10 on the door

The Palace Collective presents Queer Dystopia – an evening of immersive theatre, queer digital arts, and performers to climax The Palace International Film Festival, Bristol's very own Queer and Experimental DIY Film Fest. We have a Palace-worthy line-up of international artists (and local too!) from Bristol to Berlin that will be sure to give you a Big Brexit Blowout! 

RR 911 
RR 911 is the post romantic electro duo Labour and Lamb Kebab. They explore the freedom possible in self created prisons. Using soft wave and dark romantic beats,this collaboration is a statement of unconditional self-love through queer erotic practice, the single God is a declaration of the female divine. Berlin based musician Labour (aka Bashful Ray), draws inspiration from his dark wave romantic roots. Rachel de la Torre is a Cuban-American rapper based in Berlin working under the name Lamb Kebab. A newcomer to the Berlin music scene, Lamb has recently collaborated with Réelle on his EP Kissing Myself.

YaYa Bones  
YaYa Bones is the musical moniker of multi-disciplinary artist Ayesha Tan Jones. Coining their genre ‘dream n bass’, YaYa Bones makes protest music for witches, fusing opera melodies with earth core beats and UFO ritual rhythms.

Piss thunder drums - like when you’re being bullied at school and they’re pushing you to the ground, you can’t get up and you miss your bus. We were surprised too. Guitar like a janky synth. Squarky, jabby, sparse with no room in it. Melodic bass, like soft bones climbing a rope. Everything fighting to get to the front. Sassy, sarky, sincere; because no-one else cares. (Not for everyone, unpopular pop.)

A curated selection of obscure, evocative, queer-spirited video games. Coming directly from Leipzig’s The Arcade, an underground event series on interactive arts and communal play curated by Santiago Pastor.

This enigmatic duo will tantalise your ears with eclectic sounds ranging from vibrant disco beats and funky hip hop rhythms to classic floor fillers and soulful 90s R&B - this pair bring the energy and vibes.

Berlin based tattoo artist Fromage Franz has recently expanded his creative practice to the 3rd and 4th dimension, likely inspired by raw material that come from: hours of playing video games as a kid; 20th century art references and decolonising. Playful colours, leftovers and narcissism are his tools to answer questions such as “what does queer really means?” or “How to perform daily life?”. @frsw_franz. Book your tattoo now: superfrsw@gmail.com