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Hellfire Video Club

couldn't get no satisfaction, so we're doing this instead

Thu 30 May 2019 // 20:00

Tickets: FREE

Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted the fact that we were set to show Harry Kumel's Euro-Vampire classic 'Daughters of Darkness' on this date. Sadly we've had to drop this for the time being due to a rights issue (there aren't any, currently. Unless YOU own them, in which case HIT US UP!)

Disappointments aside, we'll be here regardless, screening something else, broadly similar, but considerably more obscure, for FREE. So if you're fan of the aforementioned title, or liked the look of it, come join us for one of those interesting B sides, to a side A that got scratched up before play.

Actually, no. More like side Z... It's settled. Expect a FULL-ON bonkers, brain scrambling mess. YES!