Burning Star Core/prurient

Thu 20 April 2006 // 20:00

(Thu 20th / 8pm / £5)

High concentration electronic defects and stroboscopic rainbows of distortion from Prurient, the solo project of Dominick Fernow (Load Records). Combining processed vocals, organic electronics, field recordings and heavy use of feedback, his live show is a confrontational "blitzkrieg attack" of physical contortions and guttural vocalisations. Prurient finished 2005 with a
comprehensive US tour with champions Wolf Eyes and an ongoing series of collaborations with Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore.

Burning Star Core is violin player, voice twister and all-round DIY electronics dude C. Spencer Yeh, from Cincinatti, USA. Operating since 1993, he remains defiantly underground, prolifically releasing CDs, CDr's and cassettes on his own Dronedisco imprint and other tiny labels. He's recently collaborated with Comets On Fire, John Olson (Wolf Eyes) and Chris Corsano/Paul Flaherty.
Owl Toes is a new Bristol-based collective promoting sonic oddities on the borders of avant rock, noise, free jazz, folk and electronic music.