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Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

Dir: Steve Sullivan, UK, 2018, 105 mins, Cert: 15

Sun 14 April 2019 // 17:00
Mon 15 April 2019 // 20:00
Tue 16 April 2019 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

'80s and '90s Manchester music fixture Frank Sidebottom hid a creative giant who was both defined and smothered by that whopping papier-mâché head. BEING FRANK: THE CHRIS SIEVEY STORY unmasks him. Played by Michael Fassbender in the 2014 cult film Frank, the real character of Frank Sidebottom stalked Manchester’s music and comedy scene for over 25 years and found nationwide fame on TV. But who really knew Chris Sievey, the fractured genius underneath the mask? Director Steve Sullivan pieces together Sievey’s split personality through an extensive archive of personal notebooks, movies, art and music, alongside insights from his closest confidants, including Johnny Vegas, Jon Ronson, John Cooper Clarke, Ross Noble, and more. What he uncovers is an intimate portrait of a sensitive, tortured outsider artist, forever on the outside looking in.

“The ultimate British eccentric finally gets his dues” ★★★★★ - NME

“A must-see tribute to a British cult hero” - James King, BBC Radio 2

“An inspiring exploration of unbridled creativity” ★★★★ - Time Out

“Richly detailed and absorbing” ★★★★ - Total Film

“The head might have been papier-mache, but the heart was all too real” ★★★★ - Empire

“A celebration of optimism itself” - Sight and Sound

Online tickets are on sale until 3 hours before the film start time. In house box office opens 30 mins before film starts.