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Witch Please: Desire

Sat 23 February 2019 // 19:30

Tickets: £6/8 advance

it is the stillness of winter that reveals that which is quick in sunlight. that which slips and scurries just under our awareness, dazzled as we are by the glinting of promise as it caresses the costume jewellery of our expectations. the dead of winter is a time when certainties succumb to the creepy come-ons of time, of a wonky world ceaseless in its rotation. the sun that shined so steadfast above our heads in summer must also disappear from view.

but when darkness is all around, this is when subterranean light warms the earth. the glow persists in our most private nooks and crannies, the relentless warmth and wetness of the living body. the climb out of blankness begins with rest. it is in the tiny fissures in our rest, our dreams and reflections, night-time visits to the witches' mound – this is where newness has already begun to assert its stoopid self. it is only in rest's resounding NO that we hear the egg of our tiniest yes beginning to hatch.

it is in the fertile soil of rest – of slowing, of warm fires and crunchy ground – where that which tickles us will find us. for it will find us, not us it. the genius of the empty mind is enough proof of the unity of all things. the ecstasy of the still body is our invitation to this genius to peel away our lethargy, to show us our royal road to satisfaction. let us honour our genius with warm bodies and the sharing of our deepest, most hidden, most gentle fantasies. let us make a hearth around which we can crack, and cook the false egg of discontinuity, and let us parade our DESIRE.


we've waited. under cover of darkness, submerged in swampy muck, in half-seen half-imagined visions, through heat haze and incense. our eyes peep through the cracks in consensus reality. we cuddle up together in the nooks and crannies of the collective psyche. dread interlopers in polite society. we are the freaks, the demi-gods, sacred, profane, disgusting, ecstatic, unearthly, vile, juicy, tacky... we are what we are. does our wildness feel like a threat? do our bodies repulse you? YUCK!

WITCH PLEASE is a party
WITCH PLEASE is a ritual action
WITCH PLEASE is an invitation
to be your best self, to be your worst nightmare
to unbridle your desires, queer your human frame and embrace the mystery
to dance with the archetypes and surrender to the fates and the furies
faux fur and face paint, lace and leather
infinite light bursting from vibrant matter
let's concoct a queer cosmology, a mythos for the pandrogynous
we are ecological beings, swimming not drowning in the waters of psyche

expect occult happenings, ritual performance and cosmic disco. prepare to participate, and dress to distress.