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Dir: Panos Cosmatos, 2018, USA, 121 mins, Cert 18 TBA

Sun 28 October 2018 // 18:00 (SOLD OUT)
Mon 29 October 2018 // 20:00 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

When Red Miller (Cage) met Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) he instantly fell in love. Unfortunately, so did Jeremiah (Linus Roache). And when this telekinetic bikie messiah lets loose his dedicated followers to kidnap Mandy, Red is spurred into frenzied action as he seeks retribution – using his best lumberjack skills – against the Children of the New Dawn.

In a midnight movie experience like no other, this blood-splattered hit of the Sundance and Cannes film festivals blends romance with chainsaws as it lets Nicolas Cage be his most Nicolas Cage. Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow) throws everything plus the kitchen sink into this maniacal, bloody thriller. A psychedelic visual bender with a deliberately disorienting score from Oscar-nominated composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, Mandy is a frenetic explosion of genre’s greatest hits that swings from crazed horror to devilish comedy, while providing a perfect platform for Cage to indulge his wildest excesses. 

“As if its sole goal was to take the heavyweight title of Nicolas Cage's Craziest Movie Ever, MANDY exhibits what Shakespeare called ‘vaulting ambition’ in producing the nuttiest ways for Cage to get into one phantasmagorical showdown after the next” – Nick Allen, ROGER EBERT.COM

A mind-melting genre orgy of cosmic proportions that's ridiculously fun” Katherine McLaughlin, SIGHT AND SOUND