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An anthem for a new consciousness

Dir. Diane Rochlin (now Flame Schon) and Sheldon Rochlin, 1968, UK, 89 mins, Uncertified

Thu 15 November 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 / £4

A rarely-screened, experimental, impressionistic and evocative rendering of hedonistic late 1960s London, this verite-style documentary might be the counter-culture film you always dreamed of! Made in just the right place at the just the right time, with two 16mm cameras and a brand-spanking new Nagra sound recorder, Diane and Sheldon Rochlin, the collaborative team behind the captivating 1965 Vali – Witch of Positano, arrive in the whirlwind of ideas, energy and expanding consciousness of London 1967.

Primarily following a young girl’s descent into the drug-lure of the era, Dope features a fast fluttering of recognisable cultural markers (Better Books! Granny Takes a Trip! Macrobiotic food! Boots at midnight!), movers and shakers, and an insight into the real lives of those drawn to this bright-burning locus of art, activity and invention. All told through an editing style that overwhelms the senses of the viewer, perhaps even like the dope experience itself.

“Mere words cannot adequately describe this visual montage documenting the bohemian London drug culture of the late sixties… Dope is more underground than the underground. It’s sub-underground.”

First Provincetown International Film Festival, ‘99

“Featuring Donovan and Australian artist/ dancer Vali Myers, the spectre of underground folk legend Geno Foreman, Marianne Faithfull talking about poppers, Syd’s Floyd in full UFO freakout mode, The Fool and mainlining in Richmond Hill, DOPE is the definitive document of counter-cultural life in the capital during 1967”

Ian O’Sullivan, Shindig Magazine