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Hellfire Video Club presents Swamp Scum!

with Frogs

Dir: George McGowan, 1972, USA, 91 mins, Cert: 15

Fri 6 July 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 / £4

Summertime in the swampy Everglades, where disgruntled creatures are seeking revenge against foul mannered and selfish human scum… HFVC are taking a holiday in the sun, with a pair of sweat-drenched, eccentric eco-horrors.

Grouchy and unpleasant patriarch Jason Crockett (the great Ray Milland in best loutish form), is gathering extended family at his waterside estate for birthday celebrations. When suspicious local photographer Pickett Smith (Sam Elliott), loses his boat whilst investigating Crockett’s overzealous pesticide usage, he gets stranded with this bitching and scheming bunch. Is there a price to all this casual pollution? OF COURSE THERE IS! Soon the local wildlife population will begin to close in on the unsuspecting gaggle, the bayou beasties picking them off in a series of increasingly outlandish offings. Besides being a pleasingly daft ‘nature strikes back’ flick, ‘Frogs’ also doubles as an enjoyably overwrought morality tale.

But it doesn’t stop there! Be sure to stick around for more boggy business, involving traumatised Vietnam vets, telepathic sharks, magical amulets and redneck sleazebags. Our second surprise feature distinguishes itself against the glut of 70s ‘Jaws’ inspired shark flicks with a genuine streak of seemingly sincere disgust at humanity’s casual exploitation of our fishy friends. Just remember, MAN IS THE ANIMAL!