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BLOWN DOWN: A long weekend of SUPER 8


Sat 9 June // 11:00

Blow me down, a full day of Super 8 workshops, gear fixing, merchandise, stalls, games, grub and special performances in the cinema (£3 – entry).

Bring your home movies to be screened.

For a place/table or get involved contact - cubeadmin@cubecinema.com

MORE details to come

Blown Down - A Long Weekend Of Super 8
7th to 10th June 2018

The Cube (a Microplex) and Super 8 (a film format) seems to be a pretty good match so we are having a weekend of Super 8 related screenings, events and fetes. Super 8 is a enduring piece of movie technology that's a joy to handle, loved by amateurs and holds a cherished past/future place in the heart of artists, its also a home movie format and Kodak have a new flash camera out.

We get knocked down, but we get up again
We get Blown Down, but Super 8 gets up again