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BLOWN DOWN: A long weekend of SUPER 8

Rough Cut And Ready Dubbed

Talk and DJs in the bar

Sat 9 June 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £6 / £4 cons

A ripper post-punk documentary classic buried in a vault for twenty years. All shot on Super 8. Film maker in attendance and DJs in the bar.

Featuring Stiff Little Fingers, Cockney Rejects, The Selecter, Patrik Fitzgerald, Purple Hearts, Sham 69, John Peel, A Certain Ratio, Tony Wilson, Garry Bushell

This is a one throbsome feature, a rare filmic capture of the post punk period between 1978 and 1981 that is more than just a music record, featuring as it does the looks, the poses, the rucks, the riots and the slaggings of bands and their fans. Filmed on SUPER 8 by a bunch of spit covered teenagers, this is not so much a documentary as a series of forays into the opinions of the protagonists of Punk, Mod, Oi, Dance and Ska; the kids on the street, the music, press and of course, the bands themselves. Originally, shot on Super 8 and blown up to 16mm, the film retains it’s rough and ready cut to produce a gem of street level cinema. Also has some cracking performances from exponents of punk, mod, oi and ska all filmed in the same DIY ethic that spawned punk itself!

Super Access Weekender Tix only £14 or £10 on sale: https://www.headfirstbristol.co.uk/?bypass_cache=1#date=2018-06-07&event_id=45660

In the early Eighties the Super 8 mm was stretched printed to 16mm for post  production which took nearly a year to complete. At the time it used the latest technology for picture and sound to transfer onto 16mm and director Derek Jarman used some of the techniques on his own Super 8 epics. The British Film Institute who had co-financed the post production brought in a brilliant film editor, Alan Mackay, to work with  Dom & Hasan. After many months and over 23 hours of  footage, the one hour documentary was created and released around the world. Then in I2003, Hasan & Dom decided to bring it back to life. With help from facilities company ‘The Machine Room’, the negative was cleaned, re-graded and transferred to High Definition.  Once on HD, digital cleaning and scratch removal begun. Then it was the turn of the sound. Digital sound cleaning, mixing, remixing from Mayflower Studios, Goldcrest, and veteran record producer Mick Glossop, created a stereo and surround mix. Once again, the latest technology of the day, this time digital, was used to help restore and enhance the original movie.

‘Rough Cut takes big cuts out of all the tastiest rock cakes around and spits out a frenetic and funny collage which manages to splice together all the chaotic contradictions of the music scene – its men, its women, its passions. This may well be a rough cut, but its sharp edges slice through to the nitty gritty without the distraction of hyper-polished dazzle.’ Anne Billson – EVENT MAGAZINE

‘Well away from the whiff of seared tuna in the corporate hospitality area, comes Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed, an intriguing documentary shot on Super 8 three minute cassettes. The interviews with Garry Bushell, Tony Wilson and John Peel at the time are fascinating. What’s even more interesting is the fact that they’ve gone back and spoken to as many of them as possible again. It seems like a postcard from a world as vanished as the Edwardian Age’. - WORD MAGAZINE

Blown Down - A Long Weekend Of Super 8
7th to 10th June 2018

The Cube (a Microplex) and Super 8 (a film format) seems to be a pretty good match so we are having a weekend of Super 8 related screenings, events and fetes. Super 8 is a enduring piece of movie technology that's a joy to handle, loved by amateurs and holds a cherished past/future place in the heart of artists. Tonight focuses on the fans and the music,