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Witch Please presents


Fri 13 July // 19:30

Tickets: £4/6/8 advance

before pride comes shame: that mirrored terror of ourselves. for too long we suffered as our gaze was brought forever back onto that which is forbidden. but without our shame we can never find ourselves, our people. those who will drink the pus that oozes from our boils, lick the gangrene from our wounds and pick the nits from our fur. let us follow the trail of blood into the forest and be healed. let us shine a light into our darkest corners and make out with what we find there. let's welcome our most vulnerable selves, gimp-masked and butt-plugged, fursuited and piss-stained, onto the dance floor. shame is where you have been hiding. and SHAME is where you'll find yerself.

"at least for certain ('queer') people, shame is simply the first, and remains a permanent, structuring fact of identity" – eve sedgwick, tendencies (1993)


WITCH PLEASE is a party
WITCH PLEASE is a ritual action
WITCH PLEASE is an invitation
to be your best self, to be your worst nightmare
to unbridle your desires, queer your human frame and embrace the mystery
to dance with the archetypes and surrender to the fates and the furies
faux fur and face paint, lace and leather, infinite light bursting from vibrant matter
let's concoct a queer cosmology, a mythos for the pandrogynous
we are ecological beings, swimming not drowning in the waters of psyche

expect occult-flavoured happenings, ritual performance and cosmic disco. prepare to participate, and dress to distress.