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Hellfire Video Club presents Halloween: The Schoolkids Issue

With Suffer Little Children

Dir: Alan Briggs, 1983, UK, 76 mins, Cert: 18

Wed 31 October 2018 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 / £4

What insufferable atrocities are corrupting the minds of kids tonight? To celebrate All Hallows Eve, HFVC are regressing to the mental age of 13.... The next instalment in our occasional series of "Homemade horror" screenings is the controversial DIY, made-by-children, satanic-panic-causing "SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN"!

Concocted and improvised by its cast of young children and inexperienced director, this highly charming shot-on-video shocker managed to make it onto the puritanical Daily Mail-backed Video Nasties hit list. The story revolves around a strange young mute girl arriving at a London orphanage and slowly transforming it into a demented satanic death cult. Homemade camcorder aesthetics and some seriously earnest acting collide with ultra-violence, zombie dreams, a brain-melting black mass and one of the greatest lo-fi metal soundtracks ever!

This needs to be seen to be believed and should pique the interest of anyone into SOV horrors or amateur filmmaking extremes. As always HFVC DJs will be in the bar playing their spookiest selections before/after.