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QWAK club #14

Secluded Bronte & James Holcombe + Ecka Mordecai

Plus Coims

Fri 28 April // 19:30

Tickets: £11 / £7 (concessions)

QWAK club is blimmin' ecstatic to be welcoming back to the Cube, following their remarkable performance in June 2019:


Secluded Bronte are Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman and Richard Thomas.

Formed in London and launched in New York City, the Anglo-Welsh trio have been together for 20 years. Since that time in 2002, they have continued to plough an idiosyncratic furrow into the heart of music. Their performances combines free improvisation, speech, musique concrète, pop, rock 'n' roll, music-theatre, expanded cinema... you name it. It's heterogenous stuff.

For their performance at at the Cube, Secluded Bronte are joined by filmmaker James Holcombe for a psychedelic expanded cinema set. Unmissable.

James Holcombe makes films and performances colliding his knowledge of celluloid and it's coming into being, with a healthy disregard for the means by which it does so. Most recently he has found this a useful prism through which to view English public executions, as well as the development and failure of American sound on film technology. @erehwon_film


A British artist based in London. Situated between sonic, performative and olfactory disciplines, her work is driven by sensation entwining cello, horsehair harp, voice, eggflute, scent and improvisation into time-based objects expressive of emotional complexity. 

Both intimate and exacting, this body-driven practice defies formal constraint and somewhat undoes the limits of genre. In recent years Ecka has performed regularly alongside the likes of David Toop, Malvern Brume, Thurston Moore, Keeley Forsyth, Ex-Easter Island Head and Kate Armitage. She has projects with Revox tape performer Valerio Tricoli with the duo Mordecoli, and with Circæa, a trio with Andrew Chalk and Tom James Scott.

Her debut solo album Promise & Illusion was released on Cafe Oto’s OTOROKU label in 2022, with previous collaborative projects released on Faraway Press and Another Timbre.

Ecka works a day job as a sound technician at University of the Arts London and is the inventor of the Eggflute, a sounding instrument made from hollowed eggshell.


Duo of heavily processed/manipulated guitar, vocal and percussion, stripped-back and warped and so much more than the sum of their parts - every set delivers sonic super novas. Coims can conjure a gripping menace without needing to bludgeon. We are blessed to have them frequent the stages of Bristol as they rightly do.  A number of collaborative recordings with Adam Bohman have released since their encounter at the Cube four years ago, go take a listen!  

DJ Turby will bedazzle all before, between and after the acts, with nicely priced drinks and dancing served until 1am.

QWAK club is a carefully curated night from The Cube Microplex, bringing eclectic avant garde sounds, visuals and performance together with a fun and inclusive atmosphere. All ticket/door revenue goes to the artists and towards the upkeep of The Cube.

Advance tickets £11 / £7 concessions, (+£1 on the door)
Doors 7.30pm, First act on shortly after 8pm.