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Lost in Vagueness

Dir: Sofia Olins, 2017, UK, 85 mins, Cert: 15

Sun 3 June 2018 // 18:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

The film of Roy Gurvitz, who created Lost Vagueness, at Glastonbury and who, as Michael Eavis says, reinvigorated the festival. With the decadence of 1920’s Berlin, but all in a muddy field.

A story of the dark, self-destructive side of creativity and the personal trauma behind it. Anti-hero, Roy, and Glastonbury founder, Michael, became friends in the early 1990s and through their tale, the film retraces Britain’s sub-culture history, to see how a band of troublesome new age travellers came together to create Lost Vagueness, eventually reviving the festival from cultural bankruptcy.