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Irregular Patterns

Fri 30 September // 20:00

Tickets: £6 / pay what you can

Tonight is a label review from Irregular Patterns. Introducing four talented and individual artists or groups.

ALEX H DUNCAN - Subcubensis live
THE HYDROGEN TREES – analogue A/V set

The night will also include the presenco of  ASTRO VINYL record & merch stall

Irregular Patterns: We are a development label operating on a not-for-profit basis. Irregular Patterns turns the traditional record label setup on its head. The inversion can be simply described as: the record label working for the artist. What this means is that artists retain 100% of their rights and royalties and agree to pay Irregular Patterns a share after income is earned - It’s a trust thing. 


Alex H Duncan: Subcubensis Live - Plant wave pulses emanating from magic mushrooms discovered on his father’s grave. The midi data collected from those magic mushrooms now provide the source for his new album Subcubensis. “Considering his very nutrients and molecules were growing in those mushrooms, this album feels like a paean to my father,” says Alex. Alex H Duncan creates music that is, well, just different, because it’s of a non-human origin. It’s a creative world where humans tread very carefully.

The Subcubensis album is available on Irregular Patterns: 


The Dark Jazz Project: A new musical adventure from musician and composer Andrew Spackman (SAD MAN, Nimzo- Indian). DJP brings his typically quixotic and mercurial approach, fusing Jazzcore, free improvisation, dark ambience into a melting pot of noise and rhythmic chaos to create dark and unsettled landscapes. 

DJP’s first EP is available via Irregular Frequencies (sub label of Irregular Patterns): 


The Hydrogen Trees:  The mysterious Hydrogen Trees are a Scarborough based, analogue, audio-visual project. Utilising defunct recording machines, obsolete cassette porta studios, dictaphones, photography and mobile phone videos. 

Their self-produced debut EP Back Down Woe Betide Ravine revels in surreal grandeur; vignettes of Scarborough’s faded glory split by years of neglect and austerity. A vision of fiberglass seahorses and broken light bulbs cut through with northern wit, beautifully laconic storytelling charm and honestly.

The Back Down Woe Betide Ravine EP is available from Irregular Patterns:


DJ Kate Bosworth: Pioneering presenter of experimental Dark Train radio show on Warminster Community Radio every Monday 2200hrs. Kate explores the outer limits of the electronic underground championing unsung labels and artists from the breadth of the UK and further afield… hers is a world that knows no limits and places no restrictions. The living, breathing embodiment of “an open mind” 


ASTRO VINYL: An independent record shop based at 68 Park Row Bristol. Run by Alex Reed. Astro Vinyl is a hub for the eclectic music enthusiast and caters to those who like dancing to a different beat. A definite stop for those in search of the outer reaches, the hard-to-find and Irregular Patterns merch.