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Hellfire Video Club present Blonde Death

Dir James Robert Baker, 1984, USA, 93 mins, Over 18s only

Fri 29 September 2017 // 20:00

Tickets: £5 (full) / £4 (concession)

This month Hellfire Video Club are teaming up with the ever-great cult/weird/homemade film review website/book BLEEDING SKULL! (if you're not familiar, get googling), with a rare big screen outing for a film they’ve recently dug up from obscurity:  "Blonde Death" (James Robert Baker, 1984).

It's a misanthropic shot-on-video joy, which feels like a bonkers DIY cross between early John Waters and Bonnie & Clyde (with maybe a little dash of Ken Friedman's "Made in USA"). To quote Bleeding Skull: "Shot for $2000 by “James Dillinger” aka James Robert Baker, a playwright-novelist-anarchist who was once described as “the world’s angriest gay man,” Blonde Death is a major triumph in the shot-on-video universe. This movie wages war on suburban America, attacking the concepts of family and love with murderous wit".

Repressed teenagers, bad parenting, murder, eye-gouging, and homicidal eyepatch-wearing lesbians all smoosh together into an apocalyptic stew - do not miss this!

Be sure to stick around for more surprises and the usual crap-not-crap DJ sets from HFVC DJs.