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Exhibition Dates: 1 July – 1 September

'Heldi Whits Wring' photography exhibition

by Esther May Campbell and Kitchen Table Photo Club, collaged by Joe Field Horner

Exhibition is open to the public during event times. No ticket required to see the exhibition but subject to social distancing and venue capacity.

Wed 1 September // 00:00

'Heldi Whits Wring', a mind bending, cinematic exhibition at the Cube Cinema, comes from the pictures conjured from what was once 'Kitchen Table Photo Club', an analogue city club for young people. Kids from city neighbourhoods, before in the pandemic, met in the home of BAFTA winning film maker and photographer Esther May Campbell, to play with cameras, dismantle images and create new worlds.

When restrictions allowed, the club began to meet again, to learn about images and ancient stories, in back yards and over fences, before moving to local green spaces and finally entering the woods on the city edges. Here, at dusk, woodland animals touched into the imaginal, making show the fantastical and soulful connections between all that is more-than-human.

The spell-binding exhibition of collaged black and white photographs is on Cube walls over the summer, and can be seen during event openings. The Cube also has a special analogue film workshop and screening of Where The Wild Things Are on the 25th July. Join us for this wonder fuelled rumpus.