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Two Shows

En Masse 2021

Fri 17 September 2021 // 19:00

Tickets: £12.50 - not many remaining!

Ashley Pegram "INCANDESCENT" / Tony Oxley "Bourdon"
Surgeon's Girl
J.Martin presents Jo Ha Kyu

A dazzling and inventive night of edgy young live electronic artists and mending-bending new visual work. An immersive A/V night that we encourage you to sit back, relax and become thrilled by the sonics and light-work around you.


A composer working with Analogue hardware, vocals, piano and generative visuals. Her influences lay in both the ambient and techno genres.

She takes inspiration from the machines she uses - mostly analog synthesisers in their various forms with some eurorack - using them to weave melodies and textures. Specialising in French and 20th century piano music, she says “the influence is more subconscious” but is undoubtedly there.


A Bristol-based musician, visual artist and filmmaker. His live show brings live drums, drum machines and triggered visuals together in textured experimental soundscapes.

The live show will entail beautiful slow-moving visuals, mind-bending, strange effects and a live score from the man himself.

INCANDESCENT by Ashley Pegram manifests as an audiovisual poem inspired by the pioneering Lumia works of Thomas Wilfred. Searing planes of white-hot light are inflected by seismic sound reverberations,
BOURDON by Tony Oxley, created using circuit bent video equipment, home-made ‘dirty mixers’, a cathode ray tube television set and various retro film footage. The sound is made from recordings of electromagnetic fields.

++This event is full capacity & BYOB, so be sure to bring along your favorite tipple for you and your mates. ++

Please note there are two showings at The Cube.

First Showing:
Doors open: 18:30
Music begins: 19:00 - 20.45

Second Showing:
Doors open: 21:00
Music begins: 21:30

*** COVID-19 Entry Policy: NHS Text or email confirming negative lateral flow or PCR test from within 24 hours before the event required for entry + use of mask throughout the venue **