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Snuff Lane and The Cube Presents

Doom Doc - The Live Show

11Paranoias/Kurokuma/A Horse Called War/Shrykull/Under

Sun 8 July 2018 // 17:30

Tickets: £8 Adv/£10 Door/Ltd Advance Combi Tickets for £10 (inc the film at 2pm)

The gig of the movie.

Tickets here: https://www.bristolticketshop.co.uk/eventdetails.aspx?e=18002

And here:https://www.headfirstbristol.co.uk/#date=2018-07-08&event_id=45188

Times are as follow (so you can get some food in between the film and bands!).

  • Under: 18:00 – 18:30
  • Shrykull: 18:50 – 19:20
  • A Horse Called War: 19:40 – 20:10
  • Kurokuma: 20:30 – 21:10
  • 11 Paranoias: 21:30 – 22:30


"Formed from the still smoking embers of Ramesses – one of the greatest metal bands of our (indeed any) time - and also featuring former Bong member Mike Vest, 11 Paranoias was always going to be a weighty proposition.

Essentially crushing head music, SpectralBeasteries offers some of the most original jams to come from the modern doom continuum, adding a buzzing wall of freak noise to more classic metal/drone signifiers."

The Quietus


The crushing weight of a world ending, a desolate hallucinatory trip through dystopia.

"Uneasy psychedelic sludge with pulsing tribal rhythms, hoarse vocals, intricately layered and wildly performed solos and massive Fleshpress-esque riffs, it's heavy, fiercely unique stuff" - Terrorizer Magazine

"Enough weight, chops and ideas to make so called bigger bands scratch their heads and say "why didn't I think of that?!"...There are so many layers to this band it's unreal” - The Sludgelord

"Both spacious and significant" - The Obelisk

A Horse Called War

Five mates from a shit hole town got together in Nov 05' to simply have a good time playing the music they are most passionate about. Started playing locally in Jan 06'. Put on some powerful, energetic shows and pissed off a few unsuspecting scene kids. Recorded a demo in June 06'. Demo receives good reviews from places like Stonerrock.comNinehertz.co.uk,Rockmidgets.com, Load of Noise. Calculon records offer to release next recording. Mikey leaves the band. Haydn saddles up, jumps on the horse. Hit the studio in July 07'. Booked some shows further a field with some awesome bands. EP released on Calculon Records. Excellent EP and live reviews follow.


Shambolic two-piece from Nottingham; who combine just about everything to create a mystical bleak tribal spew of messy riffs and throat ripping vocals, dbeats, hammers, stomps and blasts galor.


Under are a trio from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Though rooted in the blueprints of Sludge and Doom Metal, their sound is harder to pin down with elements of Prog, Noise and Avant Garde creeping in. 

"Under's live shows leave jaws wide open and drooling, sounding somewhere between Fantomas, Swans and the Melvins, but with this nightmarish circus vibe" 
Terrorizer Magazine #274