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Conqueer: Shorts

23 short films by 20 LGBTQ+ artists

Tue 21 February // 19:00

Tickets: £5


This February 21st, Conqueer rises once more from the dregs of the old year with tender offerings of 23 short-films ψ(`∇´)ψ Subversive and succulent in kind, 20 LGBTQ+ artists from across the United Kingdom, North America and Europe have peeled back their skins on this night'O murk and musk for all to peer in and be enthralled. Each flickering tale told is different to the next, holding narratives and concepts aloft for the throngs. Eyes and minds and ears and souls: all will be feasting (;;;*_*)

Sissy Boy Tears will be waiting for you at the bar once the screening is complete ready to cast spells for your ears to be soothed (´ω`♡)

‘Yellow’ - Rowyn Mottershead
‘Joy in hell’ - Xel Core
‘Fish out of water’ - Josh Medcalf
‘Imprevistx’ - Chiara de Marchis 
‘SPIT’ - Jocelyn Brett
‘Tongues’ - Eva Dimitrakopoulou
‘Dead as night’ & ‘Crashing’ – VASCHA
‘Archer and the Hunt’ - Su Turktekin Ozdemir & Yiling Zhao
‘Smile, you’re on camera’ - Silas Grocott Cain
‘KERATIN’ & ‘A FUGUE’ - Charles Jimenez
‘I AM U’ - Izlem üçvet
‘Earthbody(s)_Biome(trics)’ - Mirrored fatality
‘Ego Language’ - Daniel Balde
‘Tengrisms’ - Cey-T
‘Neo-folk-lore’ & ’Anarco-Post-Humanist-Revolution’ – David Varhegyi
‘Piss Cupid’ – Parma Ham & Leo
‘Antebellum’ – Rick Castro
‘Rhizome’ - Daniel Camargo-Grosso, Su Turktekin Ozdemir & Laurie Cousins
‘BUGS’ - Marina Torrington & Sara Asensio
‘Sana Bir Sır Vereyim Mi?’ - Sissy Misfit

Content warning: nudity, sex, discussions around mental health and some flashing lights. Guests are welcome to leave the theatre at any time with no pressure to stay.

Doors open at 19-00, DJ at 22-00.

'Conqueer is an LGBTQ+ grassroots organisation aimed at the alternative queer community of Bristol with the intention of bringing subversive underground music events combined with transgressive art in a space where attendees can release their inner freaks and connect with other like-minded individuals.'